This wiki was originally created as part of Ned O'Gorman's "Concepts in Communication Studies" graduate seminars in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL. Its construction was significantly aided by Rachel Kinmach, Joanna Chromik, and Mary Grace Hebert as editors. We hope to expand the project to give other students and scholars access to the wiki. By opening up the project, we hope to facilitate conversations about concepts in communication study, while providing a "gateway" to further knowledge about these concepts. We welcome contributions from students and faculty at other academic institutions working in communication and related fields. We hope that students will contribute edits and posts, as well as new wiki pages. There are no permanent editors, as we hope that this wiki will offer an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to serve as editors and creators of online content.

As this wiki is intended to function as a gateway to published research in communication studies (not as an authoritative resource in and of itself), entries are not peer reviewed, closely monitored by an editor, or otherwise reviewed for clarity and reliability. As a matter of policy, we ask all contributors cite heavily, such that each claim, statement, or qualification is referenced. In this way, users of the site can approach an entry to peer-reviewed published research, rather than a research source in and of itself.

Consequently, this wiki is not an appropriate venue for novel, innovative, experimental, or idiosyncratic ideas and approaches to concepts in communication studies. Rather, it is intended to function in the manner of a compendium of available established knowledge.

We hope you enjoy your journey through concepts in communication.

For more information contact:

Ned O'Gorman
Associate Professor
Department of Communication
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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