This page is designed to help newcomers navigate the wiki. This page is divided into 3 sections:
1) Creating pages
2) Editing pages
  • Widgets
  • Tags
  • Links
3) Commenting on pages
  • Commenting on the whole page
  • Commenting on particular parts of the page
  • Replying to posts

Creating Pages

Creating new content is essential to keep the wiki relevant. To create a new page, simply click the "pages and files" button on the side bar. Then, click "new page" in the top left hand corner. You'll be asked to give the page a title and have the option of adding tags when you create the page. You can also add or remove tags when editing the page later. You will need to add text to the page in order to save it. Be sure to include the necessary citations and references at the bottom in APA format (see Membership and Rules for details).


Page format

To keep the wiki consistent, we've created a uniform format. You can download a template or read below for instructions.

All subheadings on the page should be bolded. Please use the normal size font. Under each subheading, you'll need to insert a horizontal line. To do so, click the button at the top of the page to insert a horizontal line.


At the bottom of the page, you'll need to have comments and references. The comments section should appear above the references section. Place your cursor where you want the section to appear and hit the "widget" button. Then, hit "discussion area."


After the comment section, bold the word references and put a horizontal line below it, then insert your references in APA format.

Editing a Page
When information is missing from a page or there are grammar mistakes, it's important to edit the page to maintain the professional nature of the wiki. To edit a page, simply click the "edit" button at the top left corner of the page. When you're done editing, hit save to record the edit.

Widgets can be useful to add to pages. There are a variety of widgets available, such as list of pages by tag, which may be useful for linking content. There are also non-wikispaces widgets that provide links to social media and other web content. All of this can be found under the widgets button. All will be inserted wherever the cursor is when you click on the widget button.

Tags are necessary to keep the wiki organized. Tags can be added to new pages when you create them or added to already created pages by clicking the ellipsis in the top left hand corner of the page, then clicking on tags and clicking edit.

At times, it may be helpful to add links to other pages in the wiki or external links. These can be added by highlighting the appropriate term and then clicking "link" at the top.

Commenting on a Page
Discussion keeps the wiki community vibrant and can help users to explore new concepts and ideas in a more in-depth way than a traditional encyclopedia. There are two types of discussion board posts: posts about the whole page and posts about particular parts of the page. The annotations on particular parts of the page are notated by a small face with a number indicating the number of posts. Wiki users can also reply to previous comments.

To comment on the whole page, click the word bubble at the top lefthand corner. Then, click "new post."

To comment on a particular potion of the page, highlight what you wish to comment on and click the "comment" button.

All pages on the wiki have a discussion board at the bottom above the references. To reply to a particular discussion board post, simply select the post and then reply on the next page.